February REIN Follow-up

First thing, from Monday the 11th through Wednesday the 13th, we are attending a Conference from Robert Allen’s company Enlightened Wealth Institute (EWI). Notes might or might not be added in the future. The REIN meeting was very good this month.

::: REIN :::
SIG – Codes & Sustainable Design
The first presentation on sustainable growth and the Brentwood Town Center was interesting. Chris Ude did a good job. He did a good job using his visuals to enhance his presentation.

The main SIG speaker was very knowledgeable; the biggest point to me was that it is TN state law that if you want to subdivide any land over 5 acres it must go through a subdivision process.

Table Topic -“The Game”
This was a new table topic that involved roll playing. Basically there was a judge, a seller, and then the potential buyers (The crowd). The goal for the buyers is to present the best offer as deemed by the judge. Players took turns asking a yes/no question and then making offers.

There are two slight changes I would suggest.
1. allow anyone in the crowd, especially when the three players are thinking, can ask questions
2. have the sellers and judges do one situation each and involve more people. This allows the sellers to generate their character a little more before the game begins.
It was a very good first go for this game. I look forward to playing again because it was like a massive brainstorming session.

I am including this section because they did something new and differant. Allison used a powerpoint and it was far better then any I had seen at REIN in a long time, maybe with a little exception of some National Speakers.

In my mind I was watching it and there was some stumbles, so here is a simple solution that could help prevent the stumbles:
– Make it into a video
Simply recording the audio, throwing the audio and slides into a simple video editor, and output.

This causes a couple things:
1. the presentation is the same every time
2. the presentation can be added to a website
3. the presentation can be send out as a podcast

AllThingsOnDemand is a great company that can teach organizations to do this and other great communication methods. They developed and maintain our website here.

Main Speaker – Bill Twyford
Many of the things here were reminders of items I had already learned, like:
– Don’t waist time with unmotivated sellers
– tell the truth
– Perception is reality
and many more.

Some of the interesting twists include:
– if you are busy, doing your job and seeing success, you don’t have time to do anything but tell the truth to sellers
– Don’t give people an option of a yes/no answer, however have them answer with a time, or a “when” they want to do something.
– When you know what you are going to say, you can focus on listening to their words, body language, and tones.
– Match the mood of the other person

Communication is one of the subjects that we value and work to improve upon.

It was a full meeting and we enjoyed talking with the many people we have become friends with over the years.