Feburary RC REIN Notes

Last night was the monthly Rutherford County REIN meeting. The main focus on the meeting was a presentation by Doug Demosi, Planning Director, Rutherford County Regional Planning Commission.

Doug acknowledged that Rutherford County is still growing, however it is slower then the recent past.

They are looking at developing a Comprehensive Plan, or long term plan, for the county that covers roughly 50 to 100 years. This is something that Doug was surprised was lacking when he took the position a couple years ago.

His biggest concerns include, but are not limited to

  • Development in areas that are not ready for growth, lack of roads, and water.
  • Schools – the demand is greater then the supply and there is an issue with keeping up
  • Drainage – a large portion of the county is in one floodplain or another
  • County finance issues

After the formal meeting several people spent time networking, brainstorming, and working through issues. It was a great meeting with twenty-three people present.