What was covered at RC.REIN

The April RC.REIN meeting was all about the web. Specifically three topics were covered:

There are many nice areas that you should take advantage of with the *New* REIN website & Google Apps can make it where you can get a very simple and easy website up and running quickly and make you look more professional.

Here are some of the places on the REIN Website that you should take advantage of:

Open to Public:

  • REIN Calendar – first place to see what is scheduled
  • Media List – go to the main meeting with a shopping list
  • Classifieds – viewable by the public, only members can post items

Members area:

At this point the group requested some information on Google Apps.

Google Apps does some things great, and some thing acceptable for just starting out. It is great for running your email, and allowing for good collaboration and communication between people. It is easy to use and this morning we had already received the following email:

I really got a lot from your presentation at the meeting last night. … I went home from the meeting and started my website. I’ve never built websites before but was still able to come up with this: www.hardenpropertygroup.com. It’s not much, but it’s way better than nothing. I appreciate your great advice.
~ Dave Harden, Harden Property Group

If you use your website as a major communication, promotion, and data storage area, you will eventually want to move to something more powerful or more customized because you want something more then the limitations on the website side.

As far as the email, documents, sites, and other programs. Nation Investors and many other more advanced websites use them still. I am even typing up the initial notes in Google Docs.

It was a great meeting, and I enjoyed meeting new people. If you need help with a website, or just need a coach, we have a sister company focused in that, contact us.