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Need to close fast?

We are currently looking for properties that need to close fast, within the next 30 days or less.

If you have a property that you need to sell now, or one that you know will not easily sell due to mold, water damage, old units, and many other issues are items we can take care of.

We want to help, fill out our Property Submission Form today.

Dave Harden says:

“I really got a lot from your presentation last night. I appreciate your great advice & insights.”

~Dave Harden, Harden Property Group

April Events

We will be at several Real Estate Investing focused events and would love to meet with you.
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What was covered at RC.REIN

The April RC.REIN meeting was all about the web. Specifically three topics were covered:

There are many nice areas that you should take advantage of with the *New* REIN website & Google Apps can make it where you can get a very simple and easy website up and running quickly and make you look more professional. [Read more…]

Presenting at RC.REIN on 04-07

Jonathan will be presenting at the monthly Rutherford County REIN meeting.

The presentation will go through the new Real Estate Investors of Nashville (REIN) website, and Common Opportunities missed Online.

Meeting begins at 6:30pm sharp in Murfreesboro.

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March REIN Meeting

March 10th we will be at the main monthly meeting of the Real Estate Investors of Nashville (REIN).

Some of the sessions include:

  • investing in Costa Rica
  • Contractor laws
  • inspections
  • Environmental Issues
  • the market from the view of the Mortgage Industry
  • more

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RC.REIN Tonight (03-03)

We will be at the Rutherford County REIN meeting tonight at the Keller Williams office on Saint Andrews, in Murfreesboro.

Meeting begins at 6:30 and ends with networking time.
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Great Month

February has been a great month for us.

Thanks to all who have submitted properties or filed out the property buyers list application.

In March we are looking for one property in Brentwood, two in Mufreesboro, and two in Smyrna.
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Great WebClass Tonight (02-27)

This morning we received an email from Vena Jones-Cox promoting a teleseminar she is doing this evening and has opened up to people who learn from her.

Subject: The RE-Myth: How to Run Your Real Estate Business Like a Business
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February REIN Follow-up

First thing, from Monday the 11th through Wednesday the 13th, we are attending a Conference from Robert Allen’s company Enlightened Wealth Institute (EWI). Notes might or might not be added in the future. The REIN meeting was very good this month. [Read more…]