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Dave Harden says:

“I really got a lot from your presentation last night. I appreciate your great advice & insights.”

~Dave Harden, Harden Property Group

What was covered at RC.REIN

The April RC.REIN meeting was all about the web. Specifically three topics were covered:

There are many nice areas that you should take advantage of with the *New* REIN website & Google Apps can make it where you can get a very simple and easy website up and running quickly and make you look more professional. [Read more…]

Great Month

February has been a great month for us.

Thanks to all who have submitted properties or filed out the property buyers list application.

In March we are looking for one property in Brentwood, two in Mufreesboro, and two in Smyrna.
[Read more…]

New theme is Live

Well, it’s time. Time to flip the switch and go with the new theme.

People have been looking at this site for a while going “not that impressive”, well that was at least to an extent intentional. We wanted to be live for a while, however knew some things just had to be finished before we made the switch. [Read more…]

almost ready

Focused on this site today, so things might be broken. Much of the programming work is done, content is being expanded, input, and decided upon.

We are still looking for a great logo if you have any suggestions or recommendations. [Read more…]

One step closer

Yesterday was all day programming by the company who is managing the site build. Think General Contractor. The company goes by All Things On Demand and deal in media that works for you even when you are not, like websites, podcasts, online video, etc.

Main Page Work

Currently, January 14th, this main page is being worked on. The goal is to make the subareas to be dynamic, mostly to help with control and minimizing the number of things someone would need to click work this system. [Read more…]

Data Entry Needed

The process of building this site includes:

  • back end programing
  • visuals development
  • data entry

[Read more…]

Under Construction

Today, Friday Janurary4th, there will be construction here on this site. The goal is to have it in a good functional place by the end of the day with just cosmetic work left to do, to be left to a trained professional that is not a full time employee here. [Read more…]

Our Mission

To help people be more efficient, achieve their dreams, and live life intentionally through improving properties, educating people, and trading paper, while taking care of our shareholders, investors, employees, customers, communities, and country by generating the maximum profit we can while seeking win-win situations and looking at the long term outlook of everyone involved.